Imagine waking up three months from now, checking your Instagram, and...

✨ Discovering new followers who not only found you organically but are actually your ideal clients.

✨ Feeling relieved knowing you have your content for the month planned and scheduled to post automatically.

✨ Finding your inbox filled with DMs from people interested in your business, downloading your freebie, or thanking you for the value you provide.

✨ Not having to stress over Instagram and focusing on other aspects of running your design business.

Wouldn't that feel amazing?

Instagram shouldn't dominate your time and make you feel overwhelmed. It should work for you, bringing in new clients and helping you build your brand with minimal effort. And you know what? You can absolutely achieve that without overcomplicating things or hiring a social media manager.

This course is for you if you want to…

  • Know exactly what to post, when to post it, why it matters, and how to do it effectively.

  • Learn how to use Instagram as a business tool that converts followers into paying clients.

  • Have a system for creating content consistently, so you'll never have to post last-minute again.

Special launch price: $249

One time payment

10 chapters with over 30 lessons, 2.5 hours of video content, step-by-step guidance for creating your own Instagram strategy, templates, content ideas, and additional resources. Plus, lifetime access, including future updates.

What you'll learn

    1. Introduction to Chapter 1

    2. Lesson 1: Understanding Instagram for interior designers

    3. Lesson 2: Instagram functions you need to know

    4. Lesson 3: Choosing the right type of account

    5. Chapter 1: To Do

    6. Instagram Audit Template

    7. Types of Instagram Accounts - Overview

    1. Introduction to Chapter 2

    2. Lesson 1: Types of Instagram engagement

    3. Lesson 2: Instagram algorithm

    4. Lesson 3: Engagement tools on Instagram

    5. Lesson 4: Using DMs to connect and convert

    6. Chapter 2: To Do

    7. New Follower DM Template

    8. Engagement Checklist

    1. Introduction to Chapter 3

    2. Lesson 1: The fundamentals of an engaging Instagram bio

    3. Lesson 2: How to write a bio that is optimized for getting clients

    4. Chapter 3: To Do

    5. Instagram Bio Template

    1. Introduction to Chapter 4

    2. Lesson 1: Types of Instagram content

    3. Lesson 2: Content pillars

    4. Lesson 3: Repurposing & reposting content

    5. Lesson 4: How to write engaging captions

    6. Chapter 4: To Do

    7. Caption Writing Template

    8. Caption Hooks

    9. List of Calls To Action

    1. Introduction to Chapter 5

    2. Lesson 1: Types of hashtags and why you should use them

    3. Lesson 2: Hashtag groups

    4. Lesson 3: How to evaluate and select the right hashtags

    5. Chapter 5: To Do

    6. Hashtag List Template

    7. Hashtag Groups Template

    1. Introduction to Chapter 6

    2. Lesson 1: Creating an ideal client persona

    3. Lesson 2: Choosing your content pillars

    4. Lesson 3: Deciding on posting times

    5. Lesson 4: Putting it all together

    6. Chapter 6: To Do

    7. Client Persona Template

    8. Content Plan Template

About this course

  • $249.00
  • 70 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Instagram For Interior Designers Course

Stop wasting your time and turn your Instagram profile into a business tool with clarity & confidence.

A sneak peek inside the course 👀

I've been in the social media game for a little (15+ years) while now.

And I love helping interior designers like you!

From overwhelmed to confident ☑️

10 chapters, 2.5 hours of video content, plus bonuses and extra resources to transform your Instagram profile from a time-waster to a client-attracting machine 🔥

This course is DIFFERENT

There are plenty of Instagram courses out there, but here's what makes this one stand out and better than the others.

  • It zeroes in on what's crucial for you as an interior designer, cutting out unnecessary fluff that you'll never use. No time wasted here—just the essentials to empower you to do it confidently without hiring a social media manager 💪

  • I will guide you through every step of creating and executing an Instagram strategy, so you never feel like you're going it alone. Plus, to make things easier, there are plenty of examples from the interior design industry included ✨

  • The majority of the course is based on timeless strategies, so it will remain relevant even if you come back to it months later. Plus, it's packed with handy templates and other resources to help you succeed 🚀

Bonuses & Resources

Extra resources to help you get the results you want, whether it’s more clients, more followers, or just more time for yourself.

  • 7 Day-Challenge

    Fast track to success

    Jumpstart your Instagram success with our 7-Day Challenge. Each day features an actionable yet attainable challenge to move you closer to turning your Instagram profile into a client-attracting machine.

  • Content Ideas & Post Suggestions

    Your own content swipe file

    Struggling with what to post? Use our list of content ideas tailored for interior designers, including suggestions for showcasing your projects, demonstrating design expertise, and seasonal content.

  • Templates & Additional Resources

    That extra bit of help

    Everything you need to assess your situation and build a solid Instagram strategy, including a content plan template, a caption writing template, a bio template, an engagement checklist, a list of caption hooks and CTAs, and more.

In case we haven't met yet...

Hey designer, I'm Simona 👋

A marketer turned interior designer, here to guide you on how to land new clients and grow your design business with Instagram. 

Over the years, I’ve seen IG trends come and go, and while I’m always testing and experimenting, this course walks you through my time-tested and PROVEN STRATEGIES that work no matter what the latest craze is. 

Ready to get from overwhelmed to confident? Join me inside the Instagram For Interior Designers course and let’s get started! I can’t wait to see you THRIVE!

I have a question...

  • Is this course suitable for me if I’m new to interior design and have a small or no portfolio?

    Absolutely! This course is designed for interior designers at any stage of their professional journey, and it includes plenty of content examples for those with a growing portfolio.

  • Do I need to stick to a specific timeline to finish the course?

    Although we suggest sticking to the recommended course structure, feel free to go at your own pace. The course is entirely self-paced, so you can progress as you see fit and skip or revisit chapters as needed.

  • I'm not great at taking pictures or making videos. Will that be an issue?

    While you can certainly work on improving your photography skills, this course also teaches strategies and tactics that don't rely on taking pictures or making videos.